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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some books for holiday gifts

Which books are you thinking of giving this year? I'll start with picture books and continue the list tomorrow.

Picture books
A Good Day by Henkes,Kevin
This is a sweet book, just right for toddlers who are learning what makes a good day.

Aunt Nancy and the Bothersome Visitors by Root,Phyllis
Aunt Nancy has one bothersome visitor after another in this series of funny stories. The stories have been published as individual picture books, but this collection makes a great gift.

Cowboy and Octopus by Scieszka, Jon
Can a cowboy and an octopus become friends? These hilarious simple stories get better with each reading. I read this aloud to a first/second grade class and the first time through they all listened seriously but the second time through they were holding their sides as they understood the humor.

Dogs and Cats by Jenkins, Steve
Children who enjoy animals will like this simple, informative, and beautiful book. Jenkins uses his signature torn and cut paper collage illustrations.

Knuffle Bunny, Too by Willems, Mo
When Trixie goes to school a classmate has the very same Knuffle Bunny! This is a shocking state of affairs to a small child attached to her own special stuffed toy.

Pictures From Our Vacation by Perkins, Lynne
This thoughtful family story describes both the large and small events in a family vacation. I love the way Perkins shows how vacations feel.