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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Our School's Book Fair

We're in the midst of our school's book fair, so I'm posting an email I sent out to the school email list, describing some of our offerings (we use a local company to provide books and facilitate the fair, which allows us to offer great, just-published books.)

Here's the email...

What should you look for whan you visit the book fair?

Do you need any gifts for new babies? Is there a toddler on your holiday gift list?

Look for Rosemary Wells' charming Max's ABC or Marla Frazee's Walk On!, a celebration of that huge accomplishment in the life of a baby.

Do you have a fantasy reader?

Last year the intriguing, original novel Magyk was a big hit. You'll find the sequel, Flyte on the table this year. Of course we have the first book for those who haven't yet begun this series.

One of the best new short novels (perfect for many of our first, second and third graders) is titled Clementine. Read the first page and you'll be hooked. Clementine is a spunky, creative child who finds herself in the principal's office evey day of the week.

We sold out today on a brilliant new math puzzle/history/fun with numbers book titled Go Figure: A Totally Cool Book About Numbers. We have many more copies arriving. This is a book that appeals to 3rd graders as much as it appeals to 7th graders.


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